Equity Blue Consulting

Learning Management System

We help educational institutions and businesses set up and manage their online learning platforms to deliver courses and training programs. The content from the courses and training programs would available for their target audience online or offline.
Online-Only Content Access

Online-Only Content Access

Comprehensive online learning platform that can deliver courses and training programs solely through digital means. This means that learners can access course materials, assessments, and communication tools entirely through the internet. With our online-only content access, institutions can easily scale their operations and reach a wider audience without the need for physical classrooms or printed materials.

Offline-Only Content Access

In some cases, online access to course materials may not be feasible or desirable for learners or institutions. Our service also offers offline-only content access, providing learners with the ability to download course materials and access them without an internet connection. This solution is ideal for institutions operating in areas with limited internet connectivity or learners who prefer to study without distractions from the internet.

Online or Offline Content Access

Flexible solution that caters to institutions and learners who prefer a blended approach to learning. With this solution, learners can access course materials and assessments both online and offline. This means that learners can take their courses and training programs at their own pace, and institutions can reach a wider audience while catering to different learning preferences. Additionally, this category includes tools for communication, feedback, and progress tracking, enabling institutions to monitor the effectiveness of their training programs.